CLI application which wraps the semver specification to control the version of an npm package.

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versionity is a CLI application that allows the version of any node.js package to be updated using the semver specification. It's essentially a wrapper on top of the semver package, but it will also apply the version change to the package.json directly, as-well as publish the newly version module if specified.

The utility is best suited when hooked into a CI process, such that package versions are incremented correctly.


$ npm install versionify -g



  -h, --help                     output usage information
  -V, --version                  output the version number
  -i. --identifier [identifier]  A custom identifier that can be specified for pre-type version updates.
  -p, --publish                  Automatically publishes the application after performing the version update
  -d, --directory                Change the directory where the package.json is located.
  -vo, --versionOnly             This will only output the updated version number to stdout. All other logging is disabled.

The CLI supports any of the semver release type commands for incrementing the version number, this includes:

  • major
  • premajor
  • minor
  • preminor
  • patch
  • prepatch
  • prerelease

The application must run at the root of a node.js application directory. And there must be a valid package.json with a version key present in that directory.

Please find some examples below.

The below examples are based on an initial package version of: 0.1.0:

  "name": "header-router",
  "version": "0.1.0",

The following command will update the package.json version to 1.0.0 as it's a major version change.

versionity major
Successfully updated package: header-router version from: v0.1.0 to v1.0.0

The following will update the version to the next patch version:

versionity patch
Successfully updated package: header-router version from: v1.0.0 to v1.0.1

The following will perform a prerelease version update:

versionity prerelease
Successfully updated package: header-router version from: v1.0.1 to v1.0.2-0

When specify any pre-* release semver update, you can use the --identifier, or -i option to specify a custom identifier. Example:

versionity preminor --identifier SNAPSHOT
Successfully updated package: header-router version from: v1.0.2-0 to v1.1.0-SNAPSHOT.0

In additon, you can also request versionity to publish the module to a pre-configured npm registry by adding the --publish options. Examples below performs a major version update and publishes the new versioned package:

Successfully updated package: header-router version from: v1.1.0-SNAPSHOT.0 to v2.0.0
Publishing package...
Successfully published module. + header-router@2.0.0