Get real-time info on stations. Bikes available - docks available

Usage no npm install needed!

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This module is a command line tool that gets you the real-time info on stations. Particularly the number of bikes available for rent and the number of available docks.


  > npm install -g veturilo-bikes

Don't forget the "-g" to install it globally. (then you can run the bikes command anywhere)


On your terminal:

  > bikes `station-id`

Basically the bikes command and whatever station you want to check.

At first, you will obviously not know the id of a particular station. Run the command this command below to the list of all stations ids and names:

  > bikes

You can get that with the command bikes. It is a deliberate api design decision. The reality is that you most frequently use only 3 to 4 stations anyways. By your fourth use, you will know the id by heart (one or two digits). Then you can pretty much make the query in less a second. (Will save you a lot of time).


No api to mess with. Enter the command bikes and the station-id and get an instant update (number of bikes and docks available). Enter bikes only to get the updated list of stations ids and name.

few lines of code.


MIT © Mohamed Hayibor