Downloads VGMPF (Video Game Music Preservation Foundation) albums

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A simple script that downloads albums from VGMPF.

The VGMPF (Video Game Music Preservation Foundation) has video game music music downloads, but usually doesn't provide full album downloads. Since it's annoying to have to manually wget every track, I built this small script to do it quickly.

Some albums have multiple recordings, especially DOS games that support multiple sound cards. For example, Zorro (DOS). If the article contains a numbered list with the names of the recording options, these options will be added to the output directory names. In that case each recording will also be a separate download rather than one large album.


Install globally:

npm i -g vgmpfdl

Then change directory to wherever you want to save the album, and type the following:

vgmpfdl "url to vgmpf page"

E.g. a page like this.


MIT license.