Create virtual host files for Linux system

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import vhostGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/vhost-generator';


VHost Generator

npm install -g vhost-generator

A virtual host file generator for Ubuntu machine with Apache2

Requires administrative rights*


  • --help Help
  • --create -c Create new virtual host
  • --remove -r Remove a vhost by domain


  • --domain -d Domain**
  • --path -p Path to project root, default: curent working directory
  • --public Public folder, ex: public_html, web, public, default: none
  • --ip The IP for vhost, default: *
  • --port The access port for vhost, default: 80
  • --ssl Secure vhost, default: false
  • --template Template of virtual host file, default: default **required

Example: sudo vhost -c -d example.com


You can add your own virtual host template in templates folder under project_root/lib For ssl templates add '-ssl' at the end of the filename

Auto backup

When you create a new virtual host, a backup with your old settings for hosts and ports.conf are saved in project_root/lib/backup