Experimental RNA structure drawing in typescript

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Varna Implemented as a Browser Interface for Nucleic acid Graphing

Ved's attempt at using Typescript to write a pure Javascript RNA secondary structure drawing app. Play around with it here:



Use the GUI

Using the following inputs:


We get: ts-rna-draw-example

Use as CLI utility

You can install this package with npm. First, install node.js. On MacOS you can just do a quick brew install node.

Once you have node (and thus npm) installed, you can install this package as a global CLI utility by running:

npm install -g vibing

Local Development


git clone

Install npm module dependencies:

cd vibing && yarn install

For development, start the parcel server with yarn:

yarn watch

Your page will reload every time you hit save on a modified .ts or .html file.


Feature TODOs

  • Implement pan mouse functionality
  • Figure out robust vertical text centering for nucleotides
  • Implement interactive flipping stems around baseline
  • Scale up terminal loop radius for large-sequence loops
  • Abstract away global variables for drawing config
  • Split up drawing scripts for each element type
  • Update stem drawing for arbitrary angles
  • Implement drawing bulges
  • Implement drawing internal loops
  • Implement drawing multi-loops
  • Implement zoom mouse functionality
  • Implement interactive stem moving at bulges
  • Implement interactive stem moving at internal loops
  • Implement interactive stem moving at multi-loops