''My first npm package'

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import vickyFirstPackage from '';


This is my first npm package

If you want to set this package, you need to apply the next command:

npm install vicky_first_package

This package consist of files. Some commands use can run if you see block "scripts" into package.json file.

In another way you can run it directly using terminal. Please, read below about it.

File info.js

It saves object with data of user

File index.js

It shows using another own module and all insided properties of object module

File createFolder.js

It creates folder with name = from info.js and txt.file with data from info.js

File createServer.js

It creates local server and shows json object from info.js on the html page using browser

File createServerForHtml.js

It creates local server and shows file mail.html on the html page using browser

File applyExpress.js

It applies module 'express' to the our project and shown it connection on the browser page.