Victoria design system built with React

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✨(WIP) React Component design system built with acessability and flexability in mind ✨.


This project primarily uses StorybookJS for development.

Quick Start

  1. git clone
  2. yarn
  3. yarn dev

Creating components

Make a new folder in the components folder, make sure the folder name is unspaced and Pascal Case (ExampleComponentName). Create a JS file with the same folder name (or appropriate variation).


  • Documented PropTypes and default props.
  • Storybook examples are labeled with a .story.js filename.

Project Structure

The goal is to keep the package as lightweight and minimal as possible, so there's not much to it. If you look at the package.json, you'll see a few dev dependencies like Babel, React, and Storybook.

In terms of actual dependencies, we only have React-JSS, since it's used in the actual components. React and react-dom are peer-deps (since the project's using this will be react-based).

Folder Structure

  • lib/
    • /components/
    • /components/ComponentName/
    • /components/ComponentName/ComponentName.js
    • /components/ComponentName/ComponentName.stories.js - stories of the component
    • /components/ComponentName/ComponentName.test.js - unit tests
    • /components/ComponentName/index.js - contains exports of all components in folder
    • .babelrc - env and react Babel presets.

High Priority

  • More components

Low Priority

  • Integrate Jest + Storybook for testing


  • Install Lerna to manage sub-packages, allowing users to install specific components (maybe separate branch?)