Adds a track selector to the menubar.

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  import videojsDotsubSelector from '';


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Adds a track selector to the menubar. This is used in conjunction with videojs-dotsub-captions. This provides a selection menu within the player for which captions to display. The plugin uses Dotsub's API to fetch and list the languages for a video.

This plugin uses events to drive all it's actions.


selectorready: This event denotes the plugin is loaded and ready to fetch captions.

loadtracks: This event tells the plugin to load captions from Dotsub. This expects a video ID as the event data. (ex: player.trigger('loadtracks', 'trackId');)

trackselected: This event is triggered when the user has selected a track from the list in the control bar. The event data payload contains a track object. If no track object is present 'Captions Off' was selected.


npm install --save videojs-dotsub-selector


To include videojs-dotsub-selector on your website or web application, use any of the following methods.

<script> Tag

This is the simplest case. Get the script in whatever way you prefer and include the plugin after you include video.js, so that the videojs global is available.

<script src="//path/to/video.min.js"></script>
<script src="//path/to/videojs-dotsub-selector.min.js"></script>
  var player = videojs('my-video');



When using with Browserify, install videojs-dotsub-selector via npm and require the plugin as you would any other module.

var videojs = require('video.js');

// The actual plugin function is exported by this module, but it is also
// attached to the `Player.prototype`; so, there is no need to assign it
// to a variable.

var player = videojs('my-video');



When using with RequireJS (or another AMD library), get the script in whatever way you prefer and require the plugin as you normally would:

require(['video.js', 'videojs-dotsub-selector'], function(videojs) {
  var player = videojs('my-video');



Apache-2.0. Copyright (c) Dotsub <>