A tool to verify that a generator-videojs-plugin project is ready for publish.

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A tool to verify that a generator-videojs-plugin project is ready for publish.

Maintenance Status: Stable


Install videojs-generator-verify and in-publish via npm

$ npm install --save-dev videojs-generator-verify in-publish

Then add a script to your package.json as follows:

  "scripts": {
    "prepublish": "not-in-install && npm run build && vjsverify || in-install"


Command line

This package provides two binaries videojs-generator-verify and vjsverify. vjsverify is just an alias to videojs-generator-verify.

The cli has the following options:

  Usage: vjsverify [--verbose|--quiet|--skip-es-check]

  A tool to verify that a generator-videojs-plugin project is ready for publish.

  -v, --version       Print the version of videojs-generator-verify.
  -V, --verbose       Print all results, even successful ones.
  -q, --quiet         Don't print anything.
  -d, --dir [dir]     Run in this project directory, defaults to cwd.
  --skip-es-check     skip the syntax check, still here for backwards compatablity
  --skip-[name]       skip a test that you do not want to run. install, syntax, fields, require


It is also possible to require this package, and run the verify function manually. It takes several options in as an object and returns a promise that is resolved to 0 on success and 1 on failure.


Options are passed in an object by key/value.


const vjsverify = require('videojs-generator-verify');
const opitons = {verbose: true};

vjsverify(options).then(function(exitCode) {
}).catch(function(e) {
  console.error('Uh oh, internally vjsverify error', e);


Type: boolean Default: false

Print all results, even for success. By default only errors are printed.


Type: boolean Default: false

Do not print anything.


Type: string Default: process.cwd()

Run vjsverify in a specific directory. Note that this directory must exist and contain a package.json.


Type: array Default: []

Skip a tests that are not relevant for your project. valid checks: require, syntax, fields, install

What is tested

This package tests three things:

  1. Do all the files referenced in package.json point to a file that exists
  2. Will the package be installable from npm after publish
  3. Are the dist files all using es5 syntax, unless --skip-es-check is passed.


Apache-2.0. Copyright (c) Brightcove, Inc.