Dead Simple, Vanilla-ish Client Side Framework

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Dead Simple, Vanilla-ish Client-Side Framework based on jQuery

Manage Views like a boss.

Are you using lots of frameworks but are they overkill? You just like doing something simply with jQuery but it makes your code becomes too ugly?

Then maybe you should try

  • Use all of the jQuery instance methods in your View class, because it's jQuery instance.
  • Manage the events. Improve readability.
  • Seperate your View logic. Use it like MV*.
  • Use it another libraries, there is no conflict.
  • And the best; too simple. (Source code is only 10 lines of CoffeeScript code)


class Search extends View

  template: -> "#search"

  constructor: ->
    @on "submit", @doSearch

  doSearch: (e)->
    searchValue = @find("#query").val()
    # do the job...
    console.log "search #{searchValue}"

# View communication
class MyApp extends View

  # Write the selector
  template: -> "#app"

  constructor: ->
    search = new Search()
    search.on "submit", (e)=>
      console.log "another binding"

app = new MyApp()

Generating Views

class ModelView extends View
  template: ({name})-> """
    Hello #{name}
  constructor: (data)->
    super data
    @text @text().toUpperCase()

modelView = new ModelView name: "f"

Custom Views

class Item extends View
  constructor: ->

item = new Item title: "hello", (data)=> """
    Hello #{data.title}

Developed at @webBoxio with <3, inspired by GitHub's Space-Pen.