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Vikki's Tools

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To generate a new secreat key for django

#python shell
In [1]: from import get_random_secret_key
In [2]: get_random_secret_key()
Out[2]: '555%s(xc)a4-^x*3ipd@_@z81n_mry#flyx9@boy0b@jeg_4ao'


#git clone
#cd tools/
#python migrate --run-syncdb
#python runserver

Alternate installation using docker

#sudo docker run -d -p 8086:8086 --name vignesh88/tools python tools/ runserver

Open your browser and view the application at http://localhost:8086

Tools available

  • URL Shortner
  • Password generator
  • Base64 converter
  • Epoch timestamp converter
  • What is my IP

URL Shortner

A simple django based tool to create a short URL based on hashid algorithm. The short domain is in the format[yourhashid]. The statistic of short URL will be available in[yourhashid]/stats

Password generator

A simple tool to generate random password. This tools also has the advantage of using the custom words in password which uses python nltk wordnet library.

Base64 encoder and decoder

A simple tool to encode and decode a base64 string

Epoch converter

A simple tool to conver epoch to datetime format and from datetime to epoch format

What is my IP Address

A simple tool to view your public IP address


GNU General Public License v3.0 - read the LICENSE file for details.