VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Checker Lite

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A simple VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) checker. All checks based on ISO 3779:2009. Detailed info:

This module contains only a part (about 1000) WMI-code the major vehicle manufacturers. The complete SAE WMI database contains more than 33,000 international WMI codes and is available through annual subscription to the site

Starting with version 2.1.0, added all the codes xUSSR manufacturers.

quick start

Install from npm:

$ npm install vin-lite


Some manufacturers realized an algorithm that decrypts the additional information about the car from the VIN code. Additional information is now extracted for

  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

To retrieve additional information transmitted by the second argument when you call vin.decode method

var vin = require('vin-lite');

console.log(vin.isValid("WVWZZZ3CZEE140287")); // true

console.log(vin.isValid("WVWZZZ3CZEE140287",false)); // Verify regular expression only

/* { wmi: 'WVW',
     vds: 'ZZZ3CZ',
     vis: 'EE140287',
     sequentialNumber: '140287',
     check: 'Z',
     continent: 'Europe',
     country: 'West Germany',
     manufacturer: 'Volkswagen',
     modelYear: 2014,
     manufacturerInfo: { description: 'Passat 7, Passat CC', place: 'Emden, Germany' } }

USA Check digit validate. This test can be applied to cars, which were produced to the USA market

console.log(vin.USAValidate("YV1TS592861433393")); // true


  • v3.0.1 - Add USA check digit validation. Add additional information decoder for Volkswagen and Volvo.
  • v2.1.0 - Added all codes xUSSR manufacturers
  • v2.0.0 - Slightly changed the format of the object that returns the decode method.