A personal card for Vinjatovix

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import vinjadevix from '';



This my NPX card unique style to connect with me directly via console or terminal

👇 just hit

npx anmol

And get to know me in unique style.

I spent a non-trivial amount of effort building and designing this iteration of npx card, and I am proud of it! All I ask of you all is to put a star ⭐ on this project and not claim this effort as your own ♥.


The final output might look something like this:



npm init

Start a new node project and name it whatever you want. You could choose to name it after the executable you want to expose. It’s not necessary but conventions are nice, and it makes your binary more npx friendly.

mkdir anmol
cd anmol
npm init -y

At first, let’s get the necessary CLI working.

touch card.js
chmod +x card.js

Now open the new file in your favorite editor. I’ve been using Intellij WebStorm.

#!/usr/bin/env node

console.log('doing business')

Be creative and add logic to create your own card in card.js file. or you can simply copy my card.js file and make necessary changes as required

ship it

That’s an entirely functional first release! You just need to modify your package.json to let npm know to link your executable and you are off:

  // ...
  "bin": "./card.js",
  // ....

By default, npm will expose your binary using the same name as your package

Share your new CLI with the world!

npm version patch
npm publish

Now anyone can leverage your new CLI using npx, without needing to install it locally:


Now you have a globally executable script, that can leverage all of npm, to perform awesome utilities (or silly ideas like this). If you find you are writing a ‘big’ CLI with lots of parameters or sub-commands, you will want more options around how to define your CLI and should consider trying yargs instead of minimist.