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ExpressJS middleware for P2P Web apps distribution

To reduce server load, latency and establish self-maintainable CDN based on your users browsers.

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Installing from NPM

npm -i viraljs

How to use?

var ViralContainer = require('viraljs');
var viralContainer = new ViralContainer();

Isomorphism blurred boundaries between server and client. The only difference between them currently is server`s ability to distribute application to clients. What if we go further enabling client to do this? What if we erase boundaries between server and client completely? In this case every client which got application`s code becomes it`s distributor or carrier. And drawing the analogy with spreading microorganisms in the nature this technique perfectly matches “viral JavaScript“ naming.


P2P content distribution allows to reduce server load and decrease network latency since peering could be setup in the way content to be delivered from the nearest peer available. For example after hitting corporative network application will be delivered inside of it using high speed internal channels without creating a load on company`s internet channel.

Normal distribution

Traditional app distribution. Server sends package many times, corporative internet channels are loaded appropriately

P2P distribution

In case of P2P distribution application hits corporative network once and then is distributed using high speed internal network. This reduces server load and corporative internet channel load

Or another case – once application got from USA to Europe it is delivered inside of European networks only without creating transatlantic traffic.

Normal distribution

It takes a lot of transatlantic trips to transmit an app when doing it in a traditional way

P2P distribution

P2P allows to reduce number of transcontinental transfers and reduce server load

By distributing application via P2P you create a self-establishing and self-evolving CDN which moves data closer to client.

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