virt-peer: organize your digital p2p library

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virt-peer: organize your digital p2p library

** this product is covered under no warranty, and should only be used for legal purposes ** this has not been tested for, nor will it likely work under Windows.

first, install torrent-mount and virt-peer globally, make sure you have FUSE installed!: npm install -g torrent-mount virt-peer (technically, you should only have to install virt-peer as it's in the dependencies, but sometimes the PATH isn't updated correctly, so just install both)

the user that runs the virt-peer package will be the one creating FUSE mount points - use this appropriately. you might have to set allow_other in your FUSE config file.

run virt-peer-generate to create configuration files. you can customize the location where this is stored with the environment variable VIRTPEER.

go to the directory:

cd $(virt-peer-dir)

edit the configuration files to your liking. dump your magnet links into magnet.js. remember the function is async! :)

run the server with virt-peer. if you want, you can run it with something like pm2 for it to be permanent.

this documentation will become much better eventually