VSCode Extension for files based on Atom Editor

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  import vscodeFileExtra from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/vscode-file-extra';


VSCode File Extra

Working with files in VSCode like a boss 😎

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VSCode Marketplate

You can check more about the package on VSCode File Extra page in VSCode Marketplace.


Press F1 or type cmd+shift+p or cmd+shift+p, type ext install and press [Enter]. After that search for vscode-file-extra.


Editor Explorer

Go to the explorer list of files and folder and click on the file.


  • Duplicate File or Folder: Duplicates File or Folder based on the focus location;

Available Commands in Editor Explorer

Command palette

Type cmd+shift+p or cmd+shift+p for open the command pallete. All the commands have the prefix "FileExtra: ". So, after that, you can select one of these commands pressing [Enter] to confirm, or [Escape] to cancel.

Available Commands in Command Pallete


If you have any requirements or dependencies, add a section describing those and how to install and configure them.

Extension Settings

  • fileExtra.openFileAfterDuplication: Automatically open newly duplicated files
  • fileExtra.closeFileAfterRemove: Automatically close file in editor after remove

Run tests

  1. Run npm test for run tests. In case you want to test using watch, please use npm run tdd


this project is using vsce package to publish, which makes things straightforward. EX: vsce publish <patch|minor|major>

For more details, please check vsce package on npmjs.com and read VSCode docs "Publishing Extension"


See CHANGELOG.md for more details.


Wilson Mendes (willmendesneto)