tryit + verror = Verbosely try.

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  import vtry from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/vtry';



tryit + verror = Verbosely try.


This module exports one function that can be called in several ways described below. In each case,

  • f is the original function that might throw.
  • g is a proxy function that wraps f, preserving context (this) and arguments. If no error is thrown, it forwards the result.

g = vtry(f)

Errors are silently ignored.

g = vtry(f, hnd[, ...args])

In case of an error, return hnd(err, ...args).

g = vtry(f, errMsg[, errOpt])

  • Required prior knowledge: verror

Decorate potentially-cryptic errors with an error message errMsg that ideally describes what operation you were trying to perform. errMsg must be either a non-empty string or an array. It will be used as the sprintf_args to VError. errOpt are the options as described in VError.


Promise API

There's also a method vtry.pr ("Promise") which works almost as above, except it takes an async function f and returns an async function g. As a special convenience, supplying 1 (the number) as f is a shorthand for the identity function, so you can easily pass existing promises to g.

Known issues

  • Needs more/better tests and docs.