Alphabetical Navigation bar displayed using flexbox.

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  import vueAlphanav from '';



Alphabetical Navigation Bar using flexbox made with Vue. vue-alphanav Gif

This bar can be displayed horizontaly or verticaly. Bind any action to the click event (@selected). It will adapt to the container you'll put it in.

It seems to me that this is a better navigation, then a default table/pagination, for an address directory, because you will never know on which page is the person you are looking for.

in order to install it in your project

npm install vue-alphanav (or npm i vue-alphanav)

then import the component where you need it


  <alphanav :alphaList="['A-C','D-E','F-H','I-K','L-N','O-Q','R-T','U-W','X-Z']" />


import Alphanav from "vue-alphanav"

export default {
components: {
methods: {
  YourMethod(selectedAlpha) {
    console.log(selectedAlpha.value) //the letter you've clicked on
  clear() {
    //your actions when clear

<style scoped>

Available props

Prop Type Required Default Description
direction String NO horizontal wether the nav list is displayed vertically or horizontally. Values are: horizontal/vertical
showClear Bolean NO false Show a clear/reset link at the end of the navigation.
clearLinkText String NO 'clr' Text of the reset/clear link
alphaList Array NO 'A','B','C',....'Z' list of alphanav links. It can be anything to be displayed as long as it is in an Array


Name Params Info
@selected item: (selectedAlpha in our example) item.value Triggered on any letter clicked
@clear none Clears the selection in the alphanav

This is the demo in the awesome Codesandbox
Edit Alphanav Demo

Version History

  • 1.2.0 Added alphaList as a property to change the nav links
  • 1.1.0 Added clear/reset feature
  • 1.0.9 First Working Version. Demo on Codesandbox