vue-cli 3 plugin for fontawesome

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fontawesome for vue-cli@3.0


If you haven't yet installed vue-cli 3, first follow the install instructions here:

Generate a project using vue-cli 3.0

vue create my-app

Before installing the fontawesome plugin, make sure to commit or stash your changes in case you need to revert

To install the fontawesome plugin...

cd my-app
vue add fontawesome


This is quick vue-cli 3 plugin for adding FontAwesome capability to a cli scaffolded application. It is a using the FontAwesome 5 vue-fontawesome component.

Icon display example:

<font-awesome-icon icon="user-secret"></font-awesome-icon>

By default, this plugin adds all available free icons to the bundle process. Full list available at:

More detailed usage instructions can be obtained from that component's ReadMe section: