Vue CLI plugin for MDC Web and Vue MDC Adapter with Sass support.

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vue-cli-plugin-material is a Vue CLI plugin to help you get started with Material Design Components for Vue.js.

This plugin will:

  • Add Material Components Web and Vue MDC Adapter to your project's dependencies
  • Add node-sass and sass-loader to your project's devDependencies
  • Configure Webpack for using Material Components Web's Sass (SCSS) files
  • Add required import to your main.js file
  • Add Roboto font and Material Icons to your index.html


This is a plugin for @vue/cli@^3.0.0-beta.10 and Webpack 4, so it's assumed you have vue-cli installed:

npm i -g @vue/cli


Create your new project with Vue CLI:

vue create my-project

Then, go into your project's folder and add the plugin:

cd my-project
vue add material

Finally, serve your project which will be available at http://localhost:8080:

npm run serve