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Vue Language Server

vue-language-server is a language server implementation compatible with language-server-protocol.

Vetur is the VS Code client consuming vue-language-server.

It's possible for other language-server-protocol compatible editors to build language server clients that consume VLS.


There are two ways to integrate vue-language-server into editors:

  1. As a global executable.

Example Client:

First, install VLS globally.

npm install vue-language-server -g

This will provide you the global vls command.

Then, configure LanguageClient to use vls. In this example, we write below configuration into init.vim.

let g:LanguageClient_serverCommands = {
    \ 'vue': ['vls']
    \ }
  1. As a plugin dependency.


First, install vue-language-server as a local dependency.

npm install vue-language-server --save

Then, require the vue-language-server, this would typically look like:

class VueLanguageClient extends AutoLanguageClient {
  startServerProcess () {
    return cp.spawn('node', [require.resolve('vue-language-server/dist/htmlServerMain')])
  1. As extension of coc.nvim

Install coc.nvim in your vim/neovim.

Then, run vim command

:CocInstall coc-vetur