Vue 3 wrapper arround Material Components for the Web

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Material Components for Vue

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Vue components (Vue 3.0) for Material Web Components which uses the Using Foundations and Adapters integration technique.

This project defines Vue components that use the Material Components Web library to implement Material Design.mization while sticking to the Vue Spirit (approachable, versatile, and performant)

This is the Vue 3 version, for the Vue 2 version install vue-material-adapter-legacy see Legacy Vue 2 (semantic version references to the previous version eg. vue-material-adapter@^0.17.3 will continue to work normally with Vue 2).


$ npm install vue-material-adapter

Documentation & Demo

See Documentation & Demo for working examples of how to structure the markup for Vue.


There are examples of using vue-material-adapter both as a basic-vue-cli and a basic-webpack project examples.

Release Notes

See Release Notes

Building and running demo

Install dependencies

npm install vue-material-adapter

to build everything

npm run build
npm run build:demo

to run demo

npm run dev


This project is based on a fork of the successful vue-mdc-adapter project.