A Vue 3 integration PhotoSwipe image plugin

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Vue 3 Picture Swipe Gallery

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This component is a simple wrapper for the awesome Photoswipe. It's a Vue 3 plugin that displays a gallery of image with swipe function (and more). Includes lazy (smart) loading (mobile friendly) and thumbnails.



npm install --save vue3-picture-swipe


You can use it as you want. Here are some examples if you want to use it inline, or in a .vue file component or even with Laravel.

Inline usage

You can using it inline:

<vue-picture-swipe :items="[
    {src: '',thumbnail: '',w: 600,h: 400, title: 'Will be used for caption'},
    {src: '',thumbnail: '',w: 1200,h: 900}

Just remember to register the component:

import VuePictureSwipe from 'vue3-picture-swipe';
Vue.component('vue-picture-swipe', VuePictureSwipe);

new Vue({
  el: '#app'

Usage in another component

Create a component Example.vue. Then paste this:

  <vue-picture-swipe :items="items"></vue-picture-swipe>
  import VuePictureSwipe from 'vue3-picture-swipe';
  export default {
    data() {
      return {
        items: [{
          src: '',
          thumbnail: '',
          w: 600,
          h: 400,
          alt: 'some numbers on a grey background' // optional alt attribute for thumbnail image
          src: '',
          thumbnail: '',
          w: 1200,
          h: 900,
          htmlAfterThumbnail: '<span class="photos-date">29.12.2021</span>' // optional, insert your html after tag a  if you need it

Usage with Laravel

Edit resources/assets/js/app.js and add this just before the new Vue lines.

import VuePictureSwipe from 'vue3-picture-swipe';
Vue.component('vue-picture-swipe', VuePictureSwipe);

PhotoSwipe options

Use options for Photoswipe options.

<!-- Disable "share" buttons. -->
<vue-picture-swipe :options="{shareEl: false}"></vue-picture-swipe>

PhotoSwipe instance

You can access the PhotoSwipe instance via setting a ref, the instance object is exposed as pswp.

<vue-picture-swipe ref="pictureSwipe"></vue-picture-swipe>


open Attributes Listen to Description
Open none @open Emitted after gallery opens
Close none @close Emitted after gallery closes

🤝 Contributing

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Create new branch with feature name.
  3. Run npm install and npm run dev.
  4. Create your feature.
  5. Commit and set commit message with feature name.
  6. Push your code to your fork repository.
  7. Create pull request. 🙂

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