A comment plugin for vuepress

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VuePress2 comment plugin💬 / VuePress2 评论插件💬

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VuePress2 comment plugin💬 / VuePress2 评论插件 💬

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npm i vuepress-plugin-comment2@next


yarn add -D vuepress-plugin-comment2@next


  • PageInfo components
  • Support Waline.

Migration from V1

Renamed from @mr-hope/vuepress-plugin-comment to vuepress-plugin-comment2. ⚠

  • Valine service is removed removed

    Valine is lack of maintainence and can leak your privacy. You should use Waline instead.

  • vssue is not compatable with V2 yet warning

  • muti-categories support new

  • option hint controlling whether a popup hint is disaplayed when page-info item is hovered new

  • option delay controlling delay initializing comment service when page loads or navigates new

  • option pageInfoLocale and walineLocale for i18n config new


npm i vuepress-plugin-comment2@next

yarn add -D vuepress-plugin-comment2@next


  • 页面信息组件
  • 支持 Waline

从 V1 迁移

名称从 @mr-hope/vuepress-plugin-comment 改为 vuepress-plugin-comment2. ⚠

  • Valine 服务已被移除 移除

    Valine 现已缺乏维护并可能泄露隐私. 你应当使用 Waline 替代它.

  • Vssue 暂未适配 V2 警告

  • 多分类支持 新增

  • 选项 hint 控制悬停在页面信息上是否显示提示 新增

  • 选项 delay,控制页面加载和切换后初始化评论服务的延迟 新增

  • 选项 pageInfoLocalewalineLocale 用于国际化配置 新增