Easy coupling of firestore and a vuex module. 2-way sync with 0 boilerplate!

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Vuex Easy Firestore 🔥

In just 4 lines of code, get your vuex module in complete 2-way sync with firestore:

const userModule = {
  firestorePath: 'users/{userId}/data',
  firestoreRefType: 'collection', // or 'doc'
  moduleName: 'user',
  statePropName: 'docs',
  // the rest of your module here
// add userModule as vuex plugin wrapped in vuex-easy-firestore

and Alakazam! Now you have a vuex module called user with state: {docs: {}}. All firestore documents in your collection will be added with the doc's id as key inside docs in your state.

Now you just update and add docs with dispatch('user/set', newItem) and forget about the rest!

Other features include hooks, fillables (limit props to sync), default values (add props on sync), a fetch function and much more...

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I didn't like writing an entire an API wrapper from scratch for firestore every single project. If only a vuex module could be in perfect sync with firestore without having to code all the boilerplate yourself...

And that's how Vuex Easy Firestore was born.


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