Mobile web UI components based on Vue 3 and Vite 2

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vui-vc-next (aka

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Yet another lightweight and Vite-powered Mobile web UI components based on Vue 3 and Vite 2.



Try QR code SFC playground to scan to access the examples on mobile/tablet device.

Compatibility Notes

  • Due to usage of new runtime helpers, code generated by the template compiler in >= 3.2 will not be compatible with runtime < 3.2.

Please note that vui-vc-next v0.13.21+ contains code pre-compiled by Vue >= 3.2, the library will be only compatible with Vue >= 3.2.


  • More UI components WIP based on Vue 3.
  • Currently JavaScript version only, will provide TypeScript codebase in next major version.
  • About project test, will provide unit/e2e test in next major version.


Select the components you need to build your web App. Please check VUI-POC for some reference.

VUI (based on vue3) is able to run in cross-platform solutions by Taro3. Please check VUI-Taro for some reference.

  • miniprogram (weapp/swan/alipay/tt/qq/jd) - zh-CN project
  • quickapp - zh-CN project
  • h5
  • react native

The mobile-first responsive-UI is also fit for desktop web.

vui-vc-next is for Vite 2.x (Library Mode) and onward. Vite 1.x's demo is archived. is the playground project of v-poc Organization, the naming VUI next is not relavant to vue ui.

Project setup

How to setup your project

npm i

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm start

Compiles and minifies for production

build lib

npm run build

build demo

npm run build-demo

Project docs - docs

Compiles docs for development

npm run dev-docs

Compiles and minifies docs for production

npm run build-docs

Customize configuration

About vite and vitepress, please check Configuration Reference - vite, vitepress.


MIT License