Best package for music commands. Just set up one thing and you will have full music

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import wMusic from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/w-music';



One of the best bots that can give you music and economie with barely typing anything

npm i w-music

What can this package do?

  • All commands are already built in

  • A lot of commands to keep your server alive

  • You do not need to set up any database

  • And more...

To setup the music

const Discord = require('discord.js'); // Require discord.js
const client = new Discord.Client(); // Create the bot client.
const { Music } = require('w-music'); //Require the package
const music = new Music({
    clientPrefix: "!", // Prefix of the bot
    youtubeApiKey: "YOUTUBE_API_KEY", // Youtube api key
    discordClient: client, // Your bots client. In this example the client is called "client"
    config: {
        helpCommand: true // If set true it will have a help command. False will turn off help command
  client.on('message', message => { // Message even
client.login('BOT_TOKEN') //Your bot's token

Commands of the music and aliases:

Command name Alias Arguments
play p, add song / link
stop kill, destroy No arguments needed
pause No Aliases No arguments needed
resume res No arguments needed
skip s No arguments needed
now-play now-playing, np No arguments needed
clear delete-queue No arguments needed
repeat loop No arguments needed
join connect No arguments needed
volume vol, setvolume 1 - 100
queue q No arguments needed