Web Audio node for reading a mono sample, and controlling the play position from an AudioParam

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  import waatablenode from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/waatablenode';



Audio Node for more flexible sample playback.

AudioBufferSourceNode is good for simple playback of a sound sample. But when you want to read a sound back and forth, at varying playrates, jump around, etc ... it just doesn't cut it.

WAATableNode plays a sound sample and the playback position is directly controlled by another audio node :

var tableNode = new WAATableNode(context)

This might seem complicated at first, but in fact it is very simple, and extremely flexible. For example, if you want the table node to loop the sound at playrate 1, you can just use a phasor that oscillates between 0 and the sample length, and whose period is the same as the sample duration :

var context = new AudioContext()
  , tableNode = new WAATableNode(context)
  , positionNode = context.createBufferSource(context)

tableNode.table = aSound // can be an AudioBuffer or a Float32Array

// The buffer will just contain a ramp that will be looped, essentially resulting
// in a phasor [0, aSound.length] controlling the playback position.
positionBuffer = context.createBuffer(1, aSound.length, context.sampleRate)
for (var i = 0; i < aSound.length; i++) positionBuffer.getChannelData(0)[i] = i

positionNode.buffer = positionBuffer
positionNode.loop = true

See the complete example here

For a more complex example, you can check this demo.