a utility for executing actions after some async tasks complete

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import waitReady from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/wait-ready';


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a promise based utility for perform actions after async tasks finished


npm i --save wait-ready

Usage Example

// ES6 import
import { wait, withReady } from 'wait-ready'
// CommonJS require
const { wait, withReady } = require('wait-ready');

const { afterReady, setReady } = wait();
// wait for the ready status to perform some actions
afterReady().then(() => {
    // pending actions ...

// update ready status when and trigger the pending actions

// set a name for wait task
const { afterLoadingReady, setLoadingReady } = wait('Loading');

// wrap a function to execute after ready
const doThingsAfterLoadingReady = withReady((param1) => {
    // do things with param1
    console.log('being execute afterLoadingReady', param1)
}, afterLoadingReady());

// just call the function, the execution will be delayed to afterLoadingReady
doThingsAfterLoadingReady('hello world');


check out CHANGELOG.md