Making forms fun again.

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<script type="module">
  import way2webForm from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/way2web-form';


Way2Web Form helpers.

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Fix the form atrtibute for old browsers, and add the key combinations to click on a button, like Ctrl+S to submit the form.

Add this to your javascript file:

new W2Form().init();

The default key combinations are Ctrl with the keys in the object:

    's':      'button.btn-primary[type=submit]',
    'a':      'a.btn-default',
    'Delete': 'button.btn-danger[type=submit]'

Test the package.

To test the package, clone the package to your system. Than run this command.

npm run build

This will copy the test files to the dist, and also build the package files include the dependencies.

When this script is complete without errors, you can open dist/index.html in your browser. Open the dev tools, tab console, and you see all the results of the tests.

If you only want to check the eslint rules, just run.

npm run lint