We.js is a node.js framework for build real time applications, sites or blogs!

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  import weCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/we-core';


We.js core module :green_heart:

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**Main repository: https://github.com/wejs/we **

Site: http://wejs.org

Status: maintained


Install for develop we.js core:

After install npm and node.js

// clone this project
git clone https://github.com/wejs/we-core.git
// enter in cloned folder
cd we-core
// install all dependencies
npm install
// test
npm test


Run npm run cw for compile files in src to lib folder

Only edit code in src folder

How to test

after clone and install npm packages:

npm test
For run only 'userFeature' test use:
we test -g 'resourceRequests'
For run the code coverage
npm run coverage

V3 migration

  • Breaking changes in sequelize ORM: Updated to v5.x
  • Breaking changes in winston logger: Updated to v3.x
  • string npm module removed from we.utils.string and dependencies.

V2 migration


the MIT license.

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