We.js facebook authentication plugin

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We.js facebook authentication strategy

Login with facebook in your we.js project

How to install

we i we-plugin-passport-facebook

How to configure

Create an Application

Before using passport-facebook, you must register an application with Facebook. If you have not already done so, a new application can be created at Facebook Developers. Your application will be issued an app ID and app secret, which need to be provided to the strategy. You will also need to configure a redirect URI which matches the route in your application.

Configure Strategy

To configure in your project update the file: config/locals.js :

// ...
  passport: {
    strategies: {
      facebook: {
        clientID: 'facebook api client id',
        clientSecret: 'facebook api client secret',
        redirectUrlAfterSuccess: '/',
        redirectUrlAfterFailure: '/login',        
        // callbackURL: 'a custom callback url' // optional, if set an root url add / in end ot it
// ...


Login with facebook url:

This url will start the authentication.

'get /auth/facebook': {
  controller    : 'passportFacebook',
  action        : 'page',
  responseType  : 'json'

Callback from facebook url:

Default callback url:

'get /auth/facebook/callback': {
  controller    : 'passportFacebook',
  action        : 'callback',
  responseType  : 'json'

Authenticate with fb code from client side Oauth2:

Usefull for apps:

'post /auth/facebook/app-login-code': {
  controller    : 'passportFacebook',
  action        : 'loginWithCode',
  responseType  : 'json'

Authenticate with user short lived access_token (fb_exchange_token):

Usefull for apps:

'post /auth/facebook/app-login': {
  controller    : 'passportFacebook',
  action        : 'APPloginWithFacebookAccessToken',
  responseType  : 'json'



Under the MIT license.

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