Build an app with shared dependencies!

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import webComponentShards from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/web-component-shards';



Builds a multi-page app with shared dependencies.



An HTML file containing the complete dependencies and implementation for one or more pages of a web application. An example E-Commerce app could have three endpoints, shop.html, orders.html, and cart.html. Each of these files must be stored in the same directory structure, with some shared dependencies(at least polymer.html).


wcs <options>

  • -h, --help Print usage.
  • -b, --bowerdir string Bower components directory. Defaults to 'bower_components'
  • -r, --root string Root directory against which URLs in inputs are resolved. If not specified, then the current working directory is used.
  • -e, --endpoints string[] Application endpoints to vulcanize.
  • -i, --shared_import string Name of the programatically created common dependency file. Defaults to 'shared.html'
  • -s, --sharing_threshold number Number of endpoints an import must be found in to be added to 'shared_import'. For example, 2 will include all imports found in at least 2 endpoints, and 1 will include all dependencies of any endpoint. Defaults to 2.
  • -d, --dest_dir string Destination for vulcanized application. Defaults to 'dist/'.
  • -w, --workdir string Temporary directory for holding in-process files. DANGER: this directory will be deleted upon tool success. Defaults to 'tmp/'