A package which leverages the web storage and crypto apis to show how they can be used in conjunction.

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  import webEncryptedStorage from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/web-encrypted-storage';


Web Encrypted Storage

This package provides a mechanism by which you can leverage both the storage and crypto apis of the web to enable secure storage in your application.


The example below uses window.localStorage as the storage mechanism, however you can pass any storage provider which supports the web storage api. For more information please see here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Web_Storage_API

npm i web-encrypted-storage

import { EncryptedWebStorage } from 'web-encrypted-storage';

let config = {
    storage: window.localStorage,           // the storage you wish to use
    password: "yoursupersecretpassword"     // the password to use to give access to your masterKey

let storage = new EncryptedWebStorage(config)

NOTE: It is critical that you keep the password above safe. Any data encrypted with a master key which is in turn encrypted using the password above will not be retrievable without this password.


This software is intended to be a proof of concept and should not be considered production ready. It is provided as is and the author takes no responsibility for data loss or corruption as a result of using this software.


Apache 2.0 licence.


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