IFC viewer

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  import webIfcViewer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/web-ifc-viewer';



This library is part of the IFC.js ecosystem.

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Getting started

npm run init-repo to initialize the repository once you clone it to your local machine. npm run start to launch the example locally.


Do you want to contribute to make this even better? Bear in mind that this project is split in multiple repositories, so you might want to contribute to the part that interests you most.

  • web-ifc if you are interested in low-level IFC parsing, WebAssembly, Emscripten, C++.

  • web-ifc-three if you want to help us with the Three.js geometry generation.

  • examples if you want to help us by creating more example implementations of IFC.js.

  • This repository if you have ideas about cool tools that could help others develop BIM applications!

  • Try it and spread the word!

Testing files

You can find the IFC files for testing here.


You can refer your issue to the specific repository:

  • web-ifc if you have any problem with the parsing / loading (items not being readed / loaded correctly, information missing).

  • web-ifc-three if you have any problem with the adaptation we did for Three.js (efficiency, Three geometry generation, etc).

  • This repository if you have any problem with the boilerplate code it offers to develop BIM viewers.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.