Geographical utilities for location-based Node.js applications

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This library provides some basic utilities for building location-based applications.

Some features

Start by importing where:

const where = require('where');

Given two points, the Helsinki-Malmi and Helsinki-Vantaa airports:

const malmi = new where.Point(60.254558, 25.042828);
const vantaa = new where.Point(60.317222, 24.963333);

Calculating distances between points (in kilometers):

malmi.distanceTo(vantaa); // 8.2

Calculating bearing and direction from a point to another:

malmi.bearingTo(vantaa);   // 329
malmi.directionTo(vantaa); // NW

Pretty printing to human-readable coordinates:

malmi.toString(); // 60°15′16″N 25°2′34″E

Converting human-readable addresses to coordinates (geocoding, powered by OpenStreetMap Nominatim):

const geocoder = new where.Geocoder;
  display_name: 'Helsinki',
  country: 'fi'
  .then((points) => {
    points[0].lat; // 60.1666277
    points[0].lon; // 24.9435079

Converting coordinates to human-readable addresses (reverse geocoding, powered by OpenStreetMap Nominatim):

  .then((location) => {
    location.address.road; // Malminkaari
    location.address.city; // Helsinki

Creating bounding boxes for a given radius (coming soon):

// 20km bounding box
const bbox = malmi.getBBox(20);
malmi.directionTo(bbox.sw); // SW


$ npm install where --save

Running tests

$ npm install --dev
$ npm test


This library is provided under the MIT license. Contributions to the project are welcome on GitHub.

Initially this has been a Node.js port of my earlier PHP library.


  • 0.4.1 (August 19 2020)
    • distanceTo method now returns distances rounded to one meter accuracy instead of 100 meter accuracy
  • 0.4.0 (October 01 2019)
    • Removed legacy NodeXT support
  • 0.3.2 (October 01 2019)
  • 0.3.1 (November 03 2018)
    • Switched from request to the fetch library for browser compat
  • 0.3.0 (October 16 2017)
    • Switched asynchronous geocoding methods to return a promise instead of using a callback