Wikimedia Foundation user interface base variables (design tokens) stylesheet files

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WikimediaUI Base stylesheet variables

WikimediaUI Base repository provides stylesheets with variables containing Wikimedia Foundation basic user interface style values. We are providing:

  • wikimedia-ui-base.css file containing the variables in CSS Custom Properties syntax, preferably used with PostCSS
  • wikimedia-ui-base.less file containing the variables in LESS syntax


Install the WikimediaUI Base variables in your project with one of these options:

  • Clone the repo: git clone ""
  • Install via npm: npm install wikimedia-ui-base
  • Download the latest release


It is recommended that you include wikimedia-ui-base.css or wikimedia-ui-base.less file as untouched library code at top of central stylesheet file and – if necessary – add changes by overwriting the variable later in your code.

Example LESS import

@import ( reference ) 'lib/wikimedia-ui-base.less';`


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