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# WordPress Prettier

This is a fork of Prettier that adds a new command line option --paren-spacing which inserts many extra spaces inside parentheses, the way how projects in the WordPress ecosystem (Calypso, Gutenberg, etc.) like to format their code.

In order to install the latest version, run

npm i --save-dev "prettier@npm:wp-prettier@latest"

To order to install a version based on a particular upstream version (like 1.x.x), run

npm i --save-dev "prettier@git+https://github.com/Automattic/wp-prettier.git#wp-prettier-1.x.x"

To figure out what the latest supported version of the fork is, look at the default branch of this repository.


This project uses the following convention for versions:

  • When there is a new version of prettier (eg: prettier@2.0.5), we'll rebase our changes on top of it and release as wp-prettier@2.0.5-beta-1.
  • If we found bugs, we'll release wp-prettier@2.0.5-beta-2 and so on.
  • When we are confident our patch doesn't break we'll release it as wp-prettier@2.0.5.
  • If we found bugs after the release, we'll release them as wp-prettier@2.0.6-alpha-1, wp-prettier@2.0.6-alpha-2...

The rationale is to ensure the version ordering gives you the latest patch. If you have a dependency on wp-prettier@^2.0.0 you will get the following versions in order:

  • wp-prettier@2.0.5-alpha-1 -> contains prettier@2.0.4 + patch
  • wp-prettier@2.0.5-alpha-N -> contains to prettier@2.0.4 + patch + fixes (if any)
  • wp-prettier@2.0.5-beta-1 -> contains to prettier@2.0.5 + patch
  • wp-prettier@2.0.5-beta-1 -> contains to prettier@2.0.5 + patch + fixes (if any)
  • wp-prettier@2.0.5 -> contains to prettier@2.0.5 + final patch

The original readme continues unchanged below:


Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. It enforces a consistent style by parsing your code and re-printing it with its own rules that take the maximum line length into account, wrapping code when necessary.


foo(reallyLongArg(), omgSoManyParameters(), IShouldRefactorThis(), isThereSeriouslyAnotherOne());



Prettier can be run in your editor on-save, in a pre-commit hook, or in CI environments to ensure your codebase has a consistent style without devs ever having to post a nit-picky comment on a code review ever again!


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