Lightweight client for the hapi websocket layer, wsabi.

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Wsabi Client

A lightweight client for the hapi websocket layer, wsabi.

This aims to be lightweight and avoids using large libraries such as and The footprint is currently 4.8 kB minified and gzipped.


import {WsabiClient} from "wsabi-client";

// You can set the promise and websocket libraries the client will use.
// This is useful in environments that either don't support Promises, or
// environments such as NodeJS that don't provide a default WebSocket implementation.
WsabiClient.WebSocket = require("ws");
WsabiClient.Promise = require("bluebird");

let wsabi = new WsabiClient("wss://localhost:3000");

// Set the live endpoint. Defaults to '/live'
wsabi.liveUrl = "/v1/live";
// Send requests to the server with get, put, post, delete, or request.
wsabi.get("/v1/user/current").then((res) => {
  // Subscribe to a live event
  let updateSub =`user:${}:update`).subscribe(
    update => console.log("User update!", update),
    err => console.error("There was an error subscribing", err)
  // ...