JsDK of Array Class

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import xArray from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/x-array';


x-array :

  • See the container package x-class.

Use cases

    // [4,34,1,65]
class Person{}
//  [new Person(),new Person()]    
//  array[0].name ---> "Ahmed"
[34,67,"gf"].contains("gf") //true
// So on.. see list below

List of extended methods :

  shuffle: [Function],
  classify: [Function],
  contains: [Function],
  indexOfOld: [Function: indexOf],
  clone: [Function],
  ASCII: [Function],
  flatten: [Function],
  empty: [Function],
  isFinite: [Function],
  first: [Function],
  last: [Function],
  noSpace: [Function],
  parseInt: [Function],
  offset: [Function],
  max: [Function],
  min: [Function],
  random: [Function],
  unique: [Function],
  remove: [Function],
  isEmpty: [Function],
  isntEmpty: [Function],
  average: [Function],
  pushunique: [Function],
  subarray: [Function],
  frequencies: [Function],
  clean: [Function],
  pluck: [Function],
  prefixed: [Function],
  inject: [Function],
  insert: [Function],
  toJsonWith: [Function] ]