Yamaha.es moto scraping tool

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  import yamahaMotoScraper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/yamaha-moto-scraper';


Yamaha.es moto scraping tool

this tool scrapes data for motos and scooters (from yamaha.es) site and returns them in following format

    "price": "12.299,00",
    "title": "TMAX",
    "weight": "213 kg",
    "power": "33,8 kW @ 6.750 rpm",
    "powerKW": "33,8 ",
    "powerCV": null,
    "moment": "53,0 Nm  @ 5.250 rpm",
    "fuelCapacity": "15 litros",
    "photo": "https://cdn.yamaha-motor.eu/product_assets/2017/XP500A/950-75/2017-Yamaha-T-MAX-ABS-EU-Midnight-Black-Studio-002.jpg",
    "volume": "530,0 cc",
    "url": "https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/es/products/scooters/sport/tmax.aspx?view=featurestechspecs"

running DEBUG=* npm start will show progress of scraping

some tests can be found under test folder