A plug-in for using browserify with gulp

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  import youKnowWhat from '';



A plug-in for using browserify with gulp

Once upon a time you could just install gulp-browserify and get it to work, but apparently not anymore for some reason I am not aware of.

So the recommended way (at the time of writing) is to use the original modules: browserify, vinyl-source-stream and vinyl-buffer and make them perform an elaborate dance.

Of course I can't for the life of me remember how to pipe all those plug-ins in order. So here's my Don't-Repeat-Yourself trick.


youKnowWhat(browserifyOptions, outputFileName)


npm install you-know-what


Then in your gulpfile.js:

var youKnowWhat = require('you-know-what');
var gulp = require('gulp');

gulp.task('build-js', function() {
    return youKnowWhat({
        entries: 'src/main.js',
        debug: false
    }, 'bundle.js')

What's with that silly name...?

The reason it is named this way is to prevent anyone from Gulp think that this is an official plug-in and try to ban it as I heard they did with another plug-in. Also I'm reading Harry Potter books and I love how they refer to You Know Who. The idea of require'ing('you-know-what') is just TOO funny and I just couldn't resist.

Read more books. It will give you ideas for silly module names and we'll all confuse everyone. Isn't it great!?