A simple translator that works similar to the Symfony Translator Component.

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  import zTrans from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/z-trans';



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This is a simple translation solution, which is inspired by the Symfony Translator Component.

It's a CommonJS module, so it must be used alongside with Browserify, or something similar, like WebPacker.


// Requiring the module
var translator = require('z-trans');

// Adding the translation data. This could come from anywhere like: Ajax, jsonp,
// another module or the parsed JSON contents of a DOM element.
translator.addData('en', {
    domain_name: {
        translation_key: '(en) translation_value: "%parameter%"',
        translation_key2: 'something still not translated to the "hu" locale',
translator.addData('hu', {
    domain_name: {
        translation_key: '(hu) translation_value: "%parameter%"'

// Domains could be added later on if needed.
        some_key: 'some value'

// If a translation fails in the current locale, it will fall back to the
// default locale
translator.defaultLocale = 'en';
translator.locale = 'en';

// Returns '(en) translation_value: "param"'
console.log(translator.trans('translation_key', {'%parameter%': 'param'}, 'domain_name'));

// Returns 'some value'
console.log(translator.trans('some_key', null, 'another_domain_name'));

// Returns 'something still not translated to the "hu" locale'
console.log(translator.trans('translation_key2', null, 'domain_name', 'hu'));