Vue Zeplin CLI Connected Components Plugin

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  import zeplinCliConnectPluginVue from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/zeplin-cli-connect-plugin-vue';


Zeplin CLI Connected Components - Vue Plugin

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Example Zeplin snippet created by the plugin

Zeplin CLI plugin, to send Vue component snippets to Zeplin

To use:

  1. Follow instructions for setting up Zeplin Connected Components, and the required components.json file; see Zeplin's blog post and the @zeplin/cli package (still in beta as of Dec. 2019)
  2. Once your components.json is ready, then:
npm i @zeplin/cli -D
npm i zeplin-cli-connect-plugin-vue -D

npx zeplin connect -p zeplin-cli-connect-plugin-vue

And that's it! In addition to any Component or Storybook links you've setup, snippets for your .vue components will now be available alongside your Zeplin components

Please open issues with any additional information you'd like to see in your generated Zeplin snippets