Bosch BME280 sensor for temperature, humidity and pressure (THP) readings via I2C.

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Zetta BME280 Temperature, Humidity and Pressure (THP) Driver

Zetta is an open source platform built on Node.js for creating Internet of Things (IoT) servers that run across geo-distributed computers and the cloud.

This is a Zetta driver for BME280 temperature, humidity and pressure sensor.


This driver requires a prior installation of BME280 sensor using the I2C bus. Check the following tutorial for installing one on a Raspberry Pi (and ignore the steps around Signal K).


$ mkdir bme280_test
$ cd bme280_test
$ npm init     # When asked, you can leave the fields empty
$ npm install zetta --save
$ npm install zetta-thp-bme280-driver --save


Save the following to bme280.js:

var zetta = require('zetta');
var BME280 = require('zetta-thp-bme280-driver');


Run with sudo (or adjust device permissions):

sudo node bme280.js

You can now browse to http://browser.zettajs.io/#/overview?url=

If you are not running this on localhost, change to the IP address of the device.

You can also use the Zetta iOS app to connect to Zetta server to receive temperature, humidity and pressure readings (use http://&lt;ip_address>:1337 as the Server URL).