zeen3's mkdirp subtype

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  import zmkdirp from '';



Roughly the same as package mkdirp.

Usage: mkdirp(path, mode, chmodIfExists)

Returns: created path

const {mkdirp, mkdirpSync} = require('zmkdirp')

async function myDir () {
    // other stuff
    return await mkdirp('mydir')

function mydirSync () {
    // other stuff
    return mkdirpSync('mydir')

// make a folder that only you can access or change
const priv = (p = 'private') => mkdirp(p, 0o1700, true) 
// only owner or root can delete in *nix

// chmod if exists:

mkdirp('ok').then(k => mkdirp(k, 0o777, true)).then(v => require('fs').lstat(v, (err, stat) => err ? console.error(err) :  (console.log('mode:', stat.mode.toString(8)),console.log(stat)))).catch(console.error)