tape + sinon + promises + sourcemaps = zopf

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If you're running a bunch of tests:

  • Transpiled from another languages (ES2015 to ES5 via babel, for example) and for which you'd like stack traces in the original language
  • That use sinon to spy, stub and mock things
  • That sometimes return promises
  • That should fail individually when they throw

...and you want to avoid setting all that up yourself for every test case or file, then zopf just might be for you.

Usage & examples

zopf is actually a thin wrapper over tape, which means you can use it pretty much the same:

var test = require('zopf')

test('basic test', function (t) {
  t.is(true, true)

You don't need to call t.end().

If you return a Promise, the test will be async and will pass if no assertion fail and the promise resolves.

If you return something else, the test will end there.

The context, t, is augmented with a sinon sandbox that lets you create spies, stubs and mocks, and verifies all of them at the end of the test.

import test from 'zopf'
import Promise from 'bluebird'

let foo = {
  bar: () => Promise.resolve('Uh oh.')

test('using promises', t => {
  let mock = t.mock(foo)

  return foo.bar().then(res => {
    t.is(res, 'Success!')

In that last example:

  • If foo.bar() rejects, the test will fail
  • If foo.bar() resolves without calling our mock, the test will fail when the sinon sandbox is verified
  • If foo.bar() resolves, our mock has been called, but the return value is wrong, the test will fail

Running tests

Simply use tape to run your zopf tests - as long as you require('zopf') instead of require('tape') you'll get all the zopf niceties for free.

The best way is probably to run npm install --save-dev tape and add an npm script to your package.json:

  "name": "yourpackage",
  "scripts": {
    "test": "tape spec/*-test.js"

Name meaning / pronunciation

Zopf is a type of Swiss bread, which basically means braid. It seemed appropriate for this module as it braids together several test facilities and was short and available on npm.


Licensed under MIT License, see LICENSE for details.