Load optimized npm packages with no install and no build tools.

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import confetti from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/canvas-confetti';

How to Use

Specific Version
Load types (Deno)

To learn more about more options like minification, as well as optimizing for production, please see the Documentation.

What is Skypack?

Ever tried to load JavaScript from a CDN and realized that it doesn’t work in a browser without a bundler? Skypack operates like your favorite CDN but with an important difference: packages are preoptimized for browser use.

But Skypack doesn’t stop there: it handles minification, browser polyfilling, gzip/brotli, HTTP/3, caching, and more!

Skypack is free to use for personal and commercial purposes, forever. The basic CDN is production-ready and is backed by Cloudflare, Google Cloud, and AWS. We’re fully committed to building a core piece of infrastructure you can rely on.

To give us feedback on Skypack, please visit our issue tracker or join our Discord. If you’re interested in advanced features such as a custom domain, or you have specific needs, please contact us at info@pika.dev.

Technical Details

  • Supports HTTP/2
  • Supports HTTP/3
  • Global edge cache for performance
  • Universal caching (users only download dependencies once even across websites)
  • Upconverts old Node packages to modern ES Modules
  • JS minification
  • Brotli / gzip compression
  • Automatic JS polyfills for old browsers (as long as they support ES Modules)
  • ES Module waterfall optimization