Everything on npm, delivered directly to your browser.

One interface for everything on npm. All you need is the package name.

Supported by all modern browsers. Leverage modern ESM to import any npm package directly in your browser.

Ship faster code when possible. Skypack only polyfills & transpiles for the old browsers that need it.

Default-on caching. Packages load once and cache forever, no matter how often your site changes.


What is Skypack?

Skypack is a first-of-its-kind JavaScript Package Delivery Network (PDN).

Third-party package dependencies can make up 90% of the JavaScript code that we serve to our users. Skypack is optimized to serve those dependencies as quickly as possible, speeding up your site and letting you focus on deploying & managing the code that you actually wrote yourself.

Skypack (Previously: Pika CDN) has served over 3,515,526 JavaScript packages across 4,000+ unique domains around the world.

How is Skypack different from a traditional CDN?

Loading JavaScript from a third-party CDN isn't a groundbreaking concept. In the past, it was even recommended to load popular libraries like jQuery from a public CDN to take advantage of shared caching across sites. As more and more sites join, cache hits become more likely, making all connected sites load faster as a result.

Skypack is public CDN story, redesigned for the modern age. Load your third-party, open source packages directly from Skypack's global delivery network for improved performance and caching without giving up your favorite build tools, bundlers, and hosting services.

How much faster are we talking, exactly?

Your mileage will vary based on how your site is built and which dependencies you are currently using, but in some cases we've seen site load times (time to first byte) drop by 40%.

Skypack isn't magic. We just optimize 90% of your web code so that you don't have to.

Building with Skypack is like having your own personal web performance team, bringing best practices and optimizations to the code that makes up 90% of your website. Skypack automatically supports features like:

  • Minification
  • HTTP/2
  • HTTP/3 (In supported browsers)
  • Brotli Compression
  • Global CDN Speeds
  • Optimized Cache Headers
  • Automatic Browser Transpilation
  • Automatic Browser Polyfills
  • Automatic Waterfall Resolution
  • Package Version Pinnning

How hard is it to use Skypack? We kinda have a special thing going on with our site...

Skypack's goal is to work no matter how your site is built or where you host it. We're still working on a full ecosystem of bundler plugins and guides to help you get started. Until then, the best way to use Skypack is directly via ESM import URLs in your code. Check out our docs for details.

Once official bundler plugins are available, Skypack will be as easy as adding a single, one-line plugin to your current build configuration.

Get Started

Use Skypack using the following methods:


Get started with Skypack in any JavaScript web application, no build tooling or bundling required.

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Get started with Skypack as your npm bridge for Deno.

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webpack plugin coming soon
Rollup plugin coming soon
Gatsby plugin coming soon

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