Our Mission

Make the web accessible to everyone

Despite the last 10 years of progress, webpage speeds have not improved over time. Web developers have more choice than ever before when it comes to building a website. At the same time, building for the web has never been more complicated. Sometimes, it can be downright alienating.

We want to do better.

Skypack speeds up any website instantly by with optimized JavaScript hosting for the open source code that powers your website. Our global CDN unlocks modern web optimizations previously only available at large tech companies, while at the same time simplifying your web development workflow, removing the need for most build tooling entirely.

Skypack first launched in June, 2019 as the original Pika CDN. Since then, Skypack has grown to serve millions of JavaScript packages across thousaneds of unique domains around the world.

Our Values

Help developers

People are all that matter. We make the web faster for internet users and easier to build on for frontend developers of all skill levels.

Keep the web open

We are open source maintainers, and free software is in our DNA. Everything that we build is either open source (reusable by anyone) or freely hosted for anyone to use.

Embrace web standards

Web standards keep the internet open and accessible for everyone. By participating in the standards process, we make sure that the internet stays an open platform.

Celebrate & compensate open source work

Open source software powers nearly every company on the planet, but most open source work is never compensated. As a company, we support and give back to the developers whose hard work makes the internet run.


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