0xname converts Ethereum addresses to an easy to remember, but non-unique, mnemonic. For more details visit https://0xna.me

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  import xName from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/0x-name';


0x-name generates a short, easy to remember, but non-unique mnemonic for Ethereum addresses This mnemonic can be used to easily reference Ethereum addresses when doing chain analysis and transaction traffic.

Under no circumstances the mnemonic should be used to transact. It is trivial to generate a valid Ethereum address from a 0x-name mnemonic.

For more information, visit https://0xna.me


Use NPM to install the library:

npm install 0x-name

Then include it:

import zeroxName from '0x-name';
// or:
const zeroxName = require('0x-name');


var zeroxName = require("0x-name")
let name = zeroxName('0x96203a314504fb1a14d40c6bf9d08d3ebad3425f')
// name = TrueBawdyHabit